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Darren Criss and Chris Colfer wear Blaine and Kurt’s emotions out on their sleeves. The two actors are masters at delivering all of the emotions involved with a first love to a fault: the insecurity, the vulnerability, the desperation and the adoration.

I also hope Kurt and Blaine make it through the separation. They are hands down my favorite couple on “Glee.” They are both good, and strong and have so much to give. Yes, I know it’s just a show. But, I hope Blaine and Kurt live happily ever after.
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Klaine - office scene

Can we talk about how flawless Klaine is here?

Let’s look to the line by line:

“Kurt said that you two might need a little couple’s counseling.” - Emma

Bless! After Kurt’s obliviousness and seemingly nonchalant attitude toward Blaine’s feelings (“I honestly don’t know what’s up with him.”), Kurt is initiating steps to fix what he has ultimately broken. This is key - it shows us that Kurt cares. Kurt wants he and Blaine to work, he’s just been naive and yes, a little selfish, and though he doesn’t yet understand why he needs to do this, he’s willing to do it, proactively at that, to make this work. 

“Okay, well, uh, first!” - Blaine

Blaine is pissed. And he has a right to be. He feels like Kurt has been unfaithful. It says a lot about Blaine’s character and his unrelenting love for Kurt that he’s here at all under the circumstances. Blaine is so self-sacrificing, always putting others, especially Kurt, before himself. But he’s willing to push back when he feels like he’s being taken advantage of, and push he does. 

“Kurt has been texting this guy.” - Blaine

And Blaine got really upset - justifiably so. However, Blaine is quick to qualify it, bringing up his mistakes, which, as he tries to explain, were completely different because as he said earlier, he never liked Sebastian, but Blaine is trying to find a way to make this okay in his head, to reconcile his anger because that’s what his love dictates - he wants to forgive Kurt, he wants it to be okay, he doesn’t want to hurt anymore. 

“Blaine, I sang you a song to express my regrets.” - Kurt

Sigh, Kurt’s trying, but he still doesn’t get it. Kurt knows, as per “Big Brother,” that Blaine expresses his emotions through song, and Kurt thought his song would be enough to get the point across. In Kurt’s mind, he loves Blaine and that’s all there is to it. For Kurt, him texting another guy doesn’t matter because it’s “innocent.” He just likes the attention he feels like he’s not getting elsewhere because Blaine hasn’t been texting or complimenting him and everyone always has something nice to say about Blaine. Kurt doesn’t yet understand why Blaine can’t just see and accept that Kurt loves him, especially when he sang it. Oh Kurt…

“If we’re here to be brutally honest, there are a few things that I’d like to change.” - Blaine

Kurt claims he’s actively listening because so far he’s seen this as an exercise to appease Blaine and move past this whole unseemly mess. Kurt still hasn’t accepted that he’s done anything wrong, but is willing to go through the motions to make Blaine happy, because deep down, even if he doesn’t understand Blaine’s anger, he doesn’t want him to be upset and he wants their relationship to work. The problem is, Kurt has some work still to do. And they’re getting there, but just like all couples that spend time arguing about the toilet paper instead of about the real issue, Blaine is angry and also nervous so he brings up Kurt’s snapping at wait staff and him slipping bronzer into his moisturizer (and yes, Kurt will still love Blaine just as much if he didn’t have tan hands) because your lover always has little quirks that irk you and it’s easier to talk about those than what’s really bothering you. But, they’re Kurt and Blaine. Their love is built on a foundation of honesty, and they’re about to go back to the ground level. 

“And while we’re being perfectly honest, I don’t like that with every conversation we end up talking about NYADA.” - Blaine

There it is! The elephant in the room. And it’s obvious from Kurt’s expression that Blaine has never said this before. Why? Because Blaine loves Kurt. Blaine wants Kurt to pursue and achieve his dreams, even if that means Blaine’s dream will be miles away in New York, and he’ll be alone. But Blaine has put on a brave face, he’s supported Kurt through it all (“Never give up hope, ever. We’ll figure something out.” “Yaaay…cheers!”), and what has he gotten for his efforts? Kurt texting another guy because he makes Kurt “feel good” when all Blaine has ever tried to do is make Kurt feel good. And all they ever talk about is Kurt, and his new life, and his new friends, and how everything’s going to be wonderful. But, what about Blaine? Has he already been forgotten? Already pushed aside so Kurt can go galavanting around NYC with Chandler? But all of this is news to Kurt, because Blaine hasn’t said anything because he’s tried to be understanding and be the wonderful boyfriend that’s there for Kurt, but he just can’t anymore, not like this. And now, Kurt’s finally getting it - he’s finally seeing. 

“It’s like you can’t even wait to get out of here. How’s that supposed to make me feel?” - Blaine

Oh. God. My. Fucking. Heart. Blaine’s anger has finally broken and the truth is spilling out, the truth he’s denied because to face it would hurt too much. In a few months, Kurt is going to be gone. He’s going to leave Blaine for a brand new life, brand new friends (friends like Chandler), and Blaine’s going to be alone. Again. Just like when Cooper left for college. Just like when Kurt left for McKinley. But at least then Blaine was able to follow Kurt to McKinley, change his whole life, because he didn’t want to be without Kurt…but it’s inevitable, Kurt’s leaving. And maybe this time, it’ll be forever.

“You’re right. I have been distant.” - Blaine

Yes. Blaine’s been distant because weening himself off of his air supply now is the only way he knows how to prepare himself for when Kurt leaves and Blaine is dragged beneath the surface. It’s the only thing he knows how to do to keep from drowning in his grief. And he’s practicing, just like he did in the auditorium after he messed up that one move, because he has to get this right. He has to figure out how to navigate life without his compass, without Kurt. Because Blaine has spent his whole life looking for Kurt, and he finally found him, but now he’s afraid he’s losing him, and now his life will have no direction, no meaning, because Kurt is the love of his life. How is he supposed to live a year without his heart?

“But you’re not gonna be alone.” - Kurt

Kurt understands. Finally. He gets it. It all makes sense now - Blaine’s distance, the lack of texts, Blaine pulling away. Kurt had it all wrong. There was nothing wrong with he and Blaine. Their relationship hadn’t gone sour. Blaine hadn’t lost interest. In fact, the exact opposite is true.  Blaine is terrified of losing Kurt, and this, this is something that Kurt can deal with, because he knows that Blaine has no reason to be afraid. And honestly, Kurt had been afraid too. Afraid of what Blaine’s distance meant. So Kurt indulged. He lied to himself because he wanted to feel good, needed to feel what Blaine had always made him feel — the feeling he missed since Blaine had run away. Kurt felt that a door was closing and in an effort to not hurt anymore, he briefly chose to crack a window and allow another in, never realizing or believing that the gust would be enough to send the house, the home, he and Blaine had built tumbling to the ground. But Kurt is back home now. In fact, in his heart, he never left.

“I promise. You aren’t gonna lose me.” - Kurt

Kurt will never leave Blaine. Kurt is with Blaine. Kurt loves Blaine. Kurt has only ever loved Blaine. Kurt will only ever love Blaine. And that’s all either of them needed to hear - the simple reassurance that their love is real and will stretch across mountains and valleys and yet still have the strength to rebound and reunite them. One year. Just one. And really, what is that when you’re planning on a lifetime, on forever, on eternity, together?

And they embrace, back in each other’s arms, where all of their journeys end.